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Online Robotic cleaning for oily ponds, Basins and trenches

Robotic Desludger-Desilting

Online Robotic cleaning for oily ponds, Basins and trenches

AFI ROBOTICS uses multiple cleaning robots with high capacity of 150 cubic meter / 1 hr. The solution has a filtration system and further can take out the sludges forming in oily ponds, oily trenches, and tanks. The method allows the end user to chose having the sludges in the form of wet sludge or dry cake.

The positive effects of using the Robot are enormous. NO MAN ENTRY – VERY low CO2 emission – Short duration.

ARAMCO has recognized the hydrocarbon robotic vacuum (HRV) in the 2023 NETOTHON and ARAMCO endorsement is towards the use of HRV Robots.

The technology was trialed in SGPD in line with OE# 5.2 (ENVIRNMENTAL PROTECTION), and the system was successfully completed September 3, 2023 and it was the 1st ever to be done in ARAMCO company wide.

The Oil pit will be cleaned from accumulated sludges which will be separated from liquid consequently, the liquid will be returned back to the system as free of sludge and the operation process will be more stabilized. The system can also return the liquid directly to the GOSP process without the need of utilizing the recovery pumps. The elimination of sludge will effectively reduce the CO2 emissions radically to align with the Kingdom Saudi Arabia vision 2030.

Eco sounder : The role of the ECO SOUNDER is to determine the quantity of sludges / silts in any basin, pond, tanks, trench, and this will allow the operating team to show in evidence the quantities of sludge being removed from the area intended to be cleaned.